The Tinker Press

Message from the editor: Salutations! The Tinker Press is a small trade publication regarding the various steam-powered contraptions and curiosities of our epoch. As editor-in-chief and the sole writer, I draw from semaphore reports and my own unique capability.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Buckland Espied in Heights

Thaddeus Buckland, the famed fortune hunter best known for his audacious escape from the Lindalinian Rebellion, has been making frequent appearances above our vast conurbation in his newest flying craft, rumoured to be a construct of the elusive Martin Cranfield. The Iron Sparrow is a gyropter with curiously powerful lifting ability, capable of achieving altitudes far exceeding those attained by standard steam-powered aerocraft.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Jousters Move To the Front Line

Citizens of our great republic can be secure knowing that the Model A Jouster Steamtank defends our borders day and night. The entire Ranidae Industries line has been refitted, increasing the firepower of the enormous Berthold Gonne “tenfold” testifies Lieutenant-Colonel Rupert Watson of the 13th regiment. Indeed, this new force has been put to a definitive assessment in the Northeast Borderlands, according to semaphore reports.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Galvanic Technology out of Workshops, into Skies

Ace Aviatrix Permelia Fitzhugh has personally recommended the MinoWorks OrniThopter as the latest in one-person aero flight. A small steam engine transfers Anbaric power to the Galvanically Manipulated wings, made from an as-yet-unrevealed Organic material. Satisfied owner Damian Wilkinson proclaims, “The days of the hot, stuffy aerodock are few, with the OrniThopter’s universal docking arms!” Keep your eyes to the skies, stanch readers, as it is rumoured that Ms. Fitzhugh will be performing an array of aerial maneuvers to publicize this most wondrous vehicle.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Steam Bot renders Animals useless

Faraday Amalgamated Machinists, eminently successful technologists, perfected the latest Steam Bot yesternight. With motive power from a Steam Engine, the Steam Bot is capable of Walking, Climbing, Lifting, Pulling, &c. Guided by a Clockwork Mechanism of high advancement, and commanded by owner’s voice. Says inventor Professor Hubert Hays; “The Steam Bot shall replace all Horses, Mules within 2 years!” Receiving splendid testimonials, for purchase shortly. Contact J. Neufeld for particulars.